What is the PocketKnife life? To us,  it's simple, practical and multi-faceted like the pocketknife itself.

It prioritizes play every day and encourages us to have fun as we  grow, nourish, clothe, and shelter ourselves and our families. At the same time it inspires us to collectcelebrate and explore the world around us.  The PocketKnife life is also orderly (think sleepaway camp bunk check) in a way that gives us more time to nurture ourselves, our friends and family and advocate for causes we care about.

PocketKnife.life is a project of lifelong friends - writers, photographers, designers and their indulgent kids. We are sharing pages of our real life with readers - not staged or styled recreations. We want to inspire not pose. To offer hands-on ideas for engaging and nurturing kids of all ages including ourselves.  To enjoy every day.

Oh so gregarious  Lisa lives in Portland, Oregon with her family and carries an Opinel Trekking Red Folding Knife.  


Oh so plain Jane lives in New York City and the Hudson Valley with her family and carries a beechwood French Opinel wine and cheese pocketknife.